The Characteristics Your VPS is Bundled With

All the features that you require for your KVM VPS server in 1 area

Your KVM VPS server is bundled with a full group of characteristics for taking care of your ever–requiring online presence. You’ll be assigned SSD storage space, as well as assured server processing power and storage resources for running your multi media heavy websites. Furthermore, you’ll get a absolutely free dedicated IP and a range of zero cost applications to initiate your own personal reseller web hosting business, such as a domain reseller account and a help support and charging software configuration. In addition, your KVM VPS server is going to be positioned on a powerful command hosting server that will ensure a healthy platform for setting up and handling online presence.

The Characteristics Your VPS is Bundled With

OS Options

Discover your Linux distribution

You are able to pick a Linux distribution CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian with all of our KVM VPS servers.

OS Options

SSD founded VPS Hosting Offerings

Your multi media intensive website will now be extremely fast

Each individual KVM VPS server supplied by Reseller Hosting is built with very quick SSD disks. They allow for quicker file admittance and substantially enhanced read/write data transfer speeds in contrast to the ordinary harddrives. Actually, these SSD disks will make all of your websites run a lot faster. What’s even more you do not have to customize a single thing so as to make the most of the many advantages available from the SSD drives.

SSD–founded VPS Hosting Offerings

Web Server Back up

Your valuable data will at all times be backed up

Always keeping your web server content material undamaged is a priority job for our admins. In the event you lose your VPS information by chance or by result of a hacking attack, we’re ready to restore your information from back up anytime. For this specific purpose, we complete frequent back ups of all your data files and data bases and we may even recover your web server controls.

Web Server Back–up

An enterprise level virtualization

A kernel based server virtualization

What the immense majority of server virtualization methodologies include is a ‘middleman’ between the virtual machine and the physical machine, which deals with resource administration. The principal advantage of using a KVM based virtual server is that the KVM technology is baked straight into the kernel of the host machine’s Operating System, in other words there is no need for extra software apps the virtual machine interacts directly with the host machine. This suggests decidedly fewer overheads and an appreciably faster performance.
An enterprise-level virtualization

VPS Hosting Service level Warranties

99.9% network uptime and 24x7 guidance

Your KVM VPS server is backed up by a group of service guarantees. First of all, our well trained sys admins will put together the server for you within 1 hour right after sign up. For we would like to provide you with the best cost currently available, we don’t charge you any configuration fees. Additionally, we have made our own internal system due to which we can easily assure a 99.9% network uptime for your VPS. You can take advantage of our 24x7 support working with the pre installed software applications.

VPS Hosting Service–level Warranties

Installation and Trouble Shooting

Let our sys admins complete the stressful job for you

Our admins are able to support you with the setup of any kind of application that you like for your webpage. At the same time, if you ever experience an issue with your server that you are not aware how you can deal with, you can easily ask them for support. The Installing & Trouble shooting service is obtainable as an addon with every KVM VPS server at an excellent value.

Installation and Trouble–Shooting

A Free Dedicated IP

Get hold of a free of charge dedicated IP with your VPS

A dedicated IP address will grant you an enhanced control of your webpage or web application, that is why we integrate one for free with your KVM VPS server.

A Free Dedicated IP

Totally free Tools with Your VPS

Free reseller web hosting software and a gratis dedicated IP

We add in various cost free gifts with your KVM VPS server to allow you to easily take full control of your webpages. You will get hold of a free of cost dedicated IP. Additionally, due to the domain name reseller account and the ClientExec help and support & payment tool that we offer, you are able to to start your own reseller website hosting business from day 1.

Totally free Tools with Your VPS

No Configuration Expenses

No hidden fees. No supplementary charges.

By rule, the KVM VPS servers are much more dynamic than the standard cloud hosting solutions and are for this reason more costly. So as to lower the cost of a KVM VPS server, we have done our utmost to minimize the setup bills and we will not ask you for any VPS setup fees. Furthermore, we won’t ask for any other special charges right after your VPS starts performing. The value that you see on our web page is the end fee that you will cover every month.

No Configuration Expenses

A 99.9% Network Uptime

We use the most recent networking equipment

We have worked diligently in collaboration with the employees at our data centers to be able to build up an effective and protected inside network. We have cooperated with leading server hardware distributors to provide a truly dependable service. Because of this, we can effectively ensure a 99.9% uptime for all KVM VPS servers. This guarantee is in force for all Data Centers that we work with.

A 99.9% Network Uptime

24 hours Guidance

Your VPS will be in trustworthy hands

Our support team is on duty for your business round the clock to help you with any application that your VPS arrives pre loaded with. Any time you require assistance with the SolusVM Panel or have any kind of questions about the installed hosting Control Panel, our technicians are happy to help out.

24 hours Guidance

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  • Each of Reseller Hosting’s KVM VPS Servers is built for you without cost. 99.9% network uptime. Total root/administrator access.
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