The larger your web site gets, the more complicated e–mail administration gets. Which is when you can make use of Bedava Web Hosting Services’s all–encompassing E Mail Accounts Manager. It comes with each of the features you will need so as to get in control of your mailboxes, plus it’s equipped with an uncomplicated interface. With merely a couple of mouse–clicks it’s possible to configure e–mail forwarding, set up an e–mail autoresponder, create anti–spam protection, and many more. Simply scroll down to see everything that the E Mail Accounts Manager can provide you!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam is going to be driven out of your e–mail accounts

We have developed a customizable anti–spam tool that uses adequately configured rules to filter the arriving messages. According to what is the type of the spam messages you receive, you’re able to regulate the levels of defense. However, be cautious using the high level of defense, as it could possibly filter out valuable messages. Additionally, you can specify an alternative level of spam defense for every single mailbox you’ve got.

All of the spam messages can be either deleted or sent to a given mailbox. You are able to select which activity you prefer within the anti–spam protection tool’s software.

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Email Forwarding

1–click redirection of e–mails

With the help of the Email forwarding tool, you can actually reroute the messages delivered to a mailbox to an alternative mailbox of your choosing (possibly hosted in the same hosting account or somewhere else on the Internet).

To forward an email address, simply select it within the drop–down selection afterwards indicate the email address that you like all delivered messages to be delivered to. Then, you’re given the opportunity to select if you need a duplicate of each and every message to be stored in the mailbox which you forward or not.

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Email Filters

Set up customizable spam filters without any problem

Email filters are a tool you’re able to employ. They function in a quite simple way based on key terms. What you need to actually do is just specify the key words that you would like the filter to employ and which part of the e–mail account all these keywords and phrases have to be located in such as subject line, message body, footer, etc.

Another way you can employ email filters is to direct all of the junk e–mail messages to a particular folder. Then you can in addition select if you wish the filtered e–mail messages to be kept in the directory (allowing you to determine if some message is delivered there by accident), or to be removed.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys as well as SPF protection for your personal email address

We have applied actions to help defend all your email accounts from junk mail activities. Thanks to the SPF protection service you can actually identify the servers which are authorized to send out mail on the part of your domain name. This way, e–mails giving the impression they are from your web address that didn’t originated from your authorized listing of machines are going to be automatically cast to the spam directory.

We’ve also enabled DomainKeys for all of the mail accounts inside your hosting account. DomainKeys is an e–mail verification system that establishes the credibility of any email message by validating the mail hosting server of the e–mail sender and then the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Set up a mailbox on your PC in a click of the mouse

In case you check your e–mail account from your laptop computer or desktop, you probably work with an e–mail client. To save you the trouble of having to personally include each and every new mailbox in your mail client, we’ve included smart ’auto–configure’ files. Just download the file and open it using your mail application – this will immediately configure your inbox inside your favorite desktop client.

We have got auto–configure files for: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook and also Outlook Express.

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Connect to your email account by using a web browser

With the webmail tool integrated in the Online Control Panel, you can access your email accounts through various web–connected gadget across the globe! Using the webmail address which we offer you, you’re able to sign in to all of your email accounts made with Bedava Web Hosting Services’s servers with the help of any browser you have accessible.

Addititionally, there is a different way to access your e–mail accounts online. Simply sign in to the Online Control Panel and within the webmail section, pick out the mailbox you have to get into and then click the RoundCube icon. It will promptly log you in your e–mail address without the need to share any type of logon details.

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